Leslie Brown Jr.

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Leslie Brown Jr. resides in Johnson County, Kansas. I am currently a teacher in the same County. From an early age, I had a passion for drawing and would, on a constant basis, draw maps of the US and the world. Drawing those shapes retrained my brain and when drawing people I see the shapes and not the actual features, which allows me to get a likeness quickly.
Over the past 15 years, I have drawn many celebrities for my portfolio and have been commissioned by fellow coworkers, family, friends, acquaintances, and people who have contacted me when they heard of my work. I have been published numerous times with illustrations appearing in local newspaper publications, several other publications across the US, been in many art shows, and have received awards for special recognition for works submitted to online art contests. I have also had the opportunity to have some of my drawings displayed in a local restaurant, which focuses on each customer being treated like a celebrity.